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Russia threatens to destroy US satellites, What the United States says

Photo: US President Joe Biden (left) and Russian President Vladimir Putin

The US has responded to Russia's threat to destroy commercial satellites of the US and its allies.

In response, the White House said, "Any response to U.S. infrastructure will be met with an equal response."
White House spokesman John Kirby gave this response while talking to reporters.

At that time, he said, “According to publicly available information, it seems that Russia is trying to use anti-satellite technology.

Earlier, Russian Foreign Ministry official Konstantin Vorontsov threatened, "If Western satellites are used to support Ukraine in the war, they may become Russian targets."
He said, "America and its allies are trying to use space-related technology to increase the dominance of the West in world politics. Aiding Ukraine using Western satellites is an extremely dangerous trend.”

Calling the use of Western satellites in the Ukraine war "provocative," the Russian official said, "Naturally, their civilian satellites could be targeted in response." These civilian satellites also include commercial satellites.”

While threatening to attack, Konstantin Vorontsov did not name any specific satellite organization. Sources: Reuters, USNews.

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