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Apple brings charging optimization feature on iPhone 15

Apple brings charging optimization feature on iPhone 15
Photo: iPhone 15

Apple announced that the new iPhone 15 will come with new charging optimization features which limited battery charging up to 80%.

That feature is distinct from the (optimized battery charging) feature present on already launched iPhone 11 series, and it wisely postpones charging when the charging ratio hits 80%. Later, your iPhone’s everyday charging schedule kicks in again, with the new 80% ceiling in place stopping the battery from charging past the 80% mark, at which point the iPhone itself won’t start drawing power.

This functionality is native to all new iPhone 15s — the baseline and Pro versions alike—but it’s unclear if Apple will release a firmware update enabling it to reach older iPhone models.

Apple brings charging optimization feature on iPhone 15

Charging Optimization Feature:

That feature will kick in from Settings → battery → (battery health and charging) → (charging optimization). iPhone owners will find themselves in front of three different options: better battery charging, 80% or not at all.

Through the (improved battery charging) and (80% limit), Apple is trying to increase the battery life on iOS devices, by decreasing the instances of fully charging. Over all in general, charging Lithium ion batteries to 100% should be avoided in smart phones as they get damaged with over charging also affects battery’s lifespan.

For example, the all iPhone 15s have battery life identical to last years iPhone 14s.

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