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Cyclone 'Mandous' killed 4

Photo: Cyclone 'Mandaus'.

Strong cyclone 'Mandaus' formed in the Bay of Bengal has hit Tamil Nadu, India.

Four deaths have been reported so far. Apart from this, several people were injured due to the destruction of trees and houses. News from Anadolu.

At 10:30 pm on Friday, the cyclone formed in the Bay of Bengal hit the land of India.

Mandaus crossed over Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu around 1:30 am.

It hit the Indian coast of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry with a maximum speed of 85 km per hour. In this situation, several flights have been canceled at the Chennai airport.

Due to the impact of the storm, there has been heavy rain in various places. Parks, educational institutions and various shops have been closed to avoid accidents.

The storm hit the Mahabalipuram coast between Puducherry in Tamil Nadu and Sriharikota in Tamil Nadu. Due to the impact of the storm, the water level on the coast has already increased.

Chennai, India is the victim of Cyclone Mandause. More than 300 trees were broken by the cyclone in different parts of the state. Marina Beach has also become a mess. Flooding has occurred in several areas. Walls and electric poles have collapsed.

Apart from this, the authorities have issued a warning in at least 12 districts of the state due to the fear of landslides caused by heavy rains. In this situation, red alert has been issued in those districts of Tamil Nadu.

The authorities say that various preparations have been made to deal with the cyclone. The authorities have instructed the locals to keep essential items including dry food and fresh water. The administration also said that more than five thousand shelters have been kept ready.

The cyclone originated from a low pressure over the South Andaman Sea and adjoining areas. It gradually became a low pressure on Saturday.

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