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Ronaldo's sister said it was unfair to keep him seated

Photo: Elma Aveira (right) in file photo.

Many spectators came to Lucile Stadium to watch Cristiano Ronaldo play. But they saw Gonzalo Ramos take the field in his place. The coach of Portugal said that he will select the first eleven when he reaches the field. That's what he did. Ronaldo is far from the captain, he did not get a chance in the first eleven. However, Ramos scored a hat-trick instead. At the end of the match, Ramos accepted that Ronaldo as the captain again.

Portugal beat Switzerland 6-1 on Tuesday night. Ramos scored three goals in that match. However, Ronaldo's retention has raised questions. Ronaldo's sister Elma Aveira called this incident an injustice. He feels coach Santos has done 'injustice' by keeping a superstar like his brother. He made such a comment in a post on Instagram. Elma Aveira said it was a shame to see the man who had given so much to Portuguese football over the years be disgraced in this way.

However, Ronaldo's sister also congratulated the Portugal team by crushing Switzerland 6-1. Meanwhile, Ramos, who scored three goals, said that Ronaldo stands by everyone in the team like a true leader. Ronaldo talks to everyone in the team. Say with me too. He is our leader. Always trying to help us. 

Source: Mirror.

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