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India suspends visa services for Canadian citizens: service provider

India suspends visa services for Canadian citizens: service provider
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India banned visa services for Canadian Citizens from September 24, as per BLS International Website.

"Important notice from Indian Mission: Because of technical reasons, effective today, 21 September 2023, visa services for India are suspended until such notification.

The announcement came on Monday, a day after India advised its citizens to refrain from going to certain areas of the Great White North over a diplomatic flare-up after Ottawa accused Indian officials of the murder of a Sikh man last month in British Columbia.

India suspends visa services for Canadian citizens: service provider

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau insists on India taking “with utmost seriousness” the charges of killing to task.

Fallout: tit-for-tat diplomatic expulsions, Indian denial over alleged links to Khalistan murder, and so on.

Without overtly referencing the row, the Indian Foreign Ministry told reporters Wednesday it was worried about security of its residents in Canada in light of politically condoned hate wrongdoings and lawful savagery.

“There have been threats in particular against Indian diplomats and segments of the Indian diaspora who have opposed the anti-India agenda,” the ministry’s statement said.

In advisory to Indian nationals planning to travel to Canada, the ministry stated: “Therefore, it is important for Indian nationals to exercise maximum caution while visiting these areas and ensure necessary precautions are taken before proceeding to potential venues of protest.”

The Canadian Public Safety Minister Dominic LeBlanc ignored the Indian warning. “It’s okay, because Canada isn’t dangerous — he said to the media.

Nijjar was June 27th when two assailants wearing masks shot him in front of the Sikh temple that he served as head at Surrey, a suburb of Vancouver.

Another activist pushing for the Khalistan state is wanted in India for terrorism charges and attempted murder.

He denied those claims, according to the World Sikh Organization of Canada, an advocacy group that says it fights for the rights of Canadian Sikhs.

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