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China is further relaxing the corona restrictions

After unprecedented protests, the Chinese government has started to relax the corona restrictions. Beijing has eased some of the new restrictions.

According to the Guardian, it is no longer necessary to show a corona negative certificate to enter supermarkets and offices.

China's state-run media headlined, "Beijing ready to revive." The news also noted that people are slowly returning to normal life.

Hu Dongju (27), a resident of Beijing, said this is the first initiative to start a new life after the epidemic.

Ten people were killed in a building fire in China's Xinjiang region last week. Many people believe that those people died due to Corona restrictions. Since then, protests against corona restrictions have started in various cities.

Later on Thursday, the lockdown was lifted in various areas of Shanghai and Guangzhou. In the capital Beijing, people with mild symptoms of corona are allowed to stay at home. Chongqing city also eased some restrictions.

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