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Putin crossed the Karch Bridge by driving a Mercedes

Photo: Putin was seen standing on the bridge and speaking.

Russian President Vladimir Putin drove a Mercedes over the Kerch Bridge, the only link between Russia and Crimea. The bridge was bombed on the morning of October 8, the day after Putin's 70th birthday. Ukraine has never claimed responsibility for the attack. Russia's Central Security Agency claimed that the attack was carried out on the instructions of Ukraine's military intelligence service.

According to CNN, Putin visited the bridge on Monday. He crossed the bridge driving a Mercedes himself. Putin also spoke with people involved in repairing the bridge after it was damaged during the visit. The bridge's official name is the Kerch Bridge, but it is also known as the Crimea Bridge because it connects Russia with the Crimean Peninsula.

A photo released by the Kremlin, the office of the Russian president, showed Putin standing on the bridge and speaking. A video also showed Putin walking on the bridge.

Moscow has been using this bridge over the Kerch Strait as the main route to supply supplies to the Russian forces in Ukraine. The 19-kilometer road and rail bridge over the sea is seen as a showcase of Russia's infrastructure prowess. Putin himself inaugurated the bridge in 2018. 

Source: CNN

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