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Smoke from Chile's Lascar volcano, warning issued

 Photo: Smoke from Chile's Lascar volcano.

Chile's Lascar volcano in the Andes mountains has issued a safety alert after smoke and ash spewed out.

The volcano became active again on Saturday.

Plumes of smoke, gas and lava reached up to six thousand meters into the sky. The ground of the area is shaking instantly. Smoke, gas and molten lava are spreading into the sky at great speed.

Public access is prohibited within five kilometers of the volcanic area. Aircraft using the area's airspace have been diverted. Because any object can melt or burn when exposed to that hot smoke.

Authorities raised the alert level from 'green' to 'yellow', although no damage was reported in the area around the volcano.

Chile's Geology and Mining Authority Cernagiomin's 'yellow' alert means the volcano is unstable.

According to Chile's National Geology and Mining Service, the eruption started with a mild earthquake around 12:30 pm local time on Saturday. Gradually his brightness increased. A yellow alert has been immediately issued in the entire area.

Laskar last fully exploded in 1993. Then in 2006 and 2015 there were signs of Laskar's revival. Although it was not fully revealed at that time. So far no residents have been injured and no property has been destroyed.

Source: BBC

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