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War on nature is actually a war on people: UN Secretary General

Photo: Antonio Gutierrez, UN Secretary General.

Joining the 15th Biodiversity Conference, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said, "Man's war on nature is actually a war against man." Without nature we are destitute, empty. True peaceful coexistence of man with nature is essential to sustain existence. To ensure a greener, healthier future for all'. He also emphasized on the adoption of long-term action plans to protect biodiversity.

The UN Secretary General has also criticized multinational companies for making the world's ecology a field of profit. He also said, "If the mistakes are not rectified, the consequences will be dire."

About 200 countries attended the United Nations Conference on Biodiversity from December 7-19. At the opening of the Biodiversity Conference in Montreal, Canada on Tuesday, the UN Secretary General also said, "Humanity has now become a weapon of mass extinction as it becomes desperate for uncontrolled and uneven economic growth".

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