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The United States has warned Russia of catastrophic consequences

 Photo: US National Security Advisor Jack Sullivan

The US has issued a stern warning to Russia over the use of nuclear bombs. The country's national security adviser, Jack Sullivan, made this threat in a statement. Sullivan said Russia would face catastrophic consequences if it used nuclear bombs.

According to Reuters, Arab News reported that after Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov's speech, Sullivan warned that the territories seized from Ukraine in the referendum will be fully secured if they join Russia.
It should be noted that the residents of the four regions of the eastern border of Ukraine are holding a referendum on whether to join Russia. The Russian parliament is expected to formally annex the territories to Russia after the results of the vote are announced.

In a televised interview on Sunday, US national security adviser Jack Sullivan said the US would respond to a nuclear attack on Ukraine. He said that Russia should be prepared for catastrophic consequences if it violates the border. The United States will have the final answer.

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