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25 arrested in Germany on charges of coup attempt to overthrow the government

 Photo: The Minister of Justice said that a major operation against terrorism is underway.

A radical group was planning to overthrow the democratic government of Germany and seize power. The country's police have arrested 25 people from different places for their involvement in the incident.

According to the BBC and Al Jazeera reports, the radical right and some retired army officers are involved in the coup plot. They were planning to attack the German parliament and seize power. The originator of all this is a 71-year-old citizen named Heinrich Ait.

Germany's executive counsel said Heinrich Eit, the main suspect in the operation, was also arrested in 11 states. The coup plotters are members of an extremist group called Resberger. They were long monitored by law enforcement agencies for extremist and racist activities.

The German press says that the radical right wants to overthrow the government of modern Germany and establish a government in the light of 1871. Germany's Law and Justice Minister Marco Buschmann said on Twitter that a major anti-terror operation is underway.

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