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Played in Spain, live in Spain, the destruction of Spain in his(Yasin Bono) hands!

 Photo: Yasin Bono.

His name is Yasin Bono. He has been playing club football in Spain for a long time. Most of the footballers currently playing in the Spain team are well known to him. Spain was destroyed by that Yasin Bono. The champions of 2010 had to depart from the pre-quarter finals of the World Cup. Qatar World Cup witnessed yet another incident.

Many saw Morocco's knockouts as a no-brainer. But Tuesday's performance forced that perception to change. The end of Morocco's great football is at the hands of Yassin Bono, affectionately known as 'Bono' by his teammates and supporters. He blocked the shot of two Spanish footballers in the penalty shootout.

This is not the first time for saving a penalty, this Moroccan goalkeeper has a reputation for a long time. He has faced 50 penalties so far in his football career. Saved 13. In other words, he saved 26 percent of the penalties. On Tuesday, Spain's famous stars came to take the penalty, but he was fearless, confident. At the end of the day, Spain was stuck in his hands.

Although playing for Morocco, Bono was born in Montreal, Canada. His family moved to Morocco when he was very young. Bono started playing youth football for Wydad Casablanca. He made his debut in the senior team in 2011. A year before that, his club got a chance to play in the first division. After spending a year in Casablanca, Bono crossed the Mediterranean to Spain. Joined Atletico Madrid. First he was in the reserve team. Then got a place as the third goalkeeper of the main team. He signed a four-year contract with Atlético.

Two goalkeepers Thibaut Courtois and Daniel Aranjubia left Atletico in 2014. Opportunity comes before Bono. Bono made his debut as Atletico's first goalkeeper on July 24 of that year. Atletico won 1-0 in the pre-season friendly. In September, Bono was sent on loan to another La Liga club, Real Zaragoza. He did not get a chance to start as the first goalkeeper there. It finally debuted in January 2015. He played in 16 matches that season.

Bono joined Girona in 2016. He played 83 matches for the team in four years. Bono came to India while playing for Girona. In 2019, La Liga World Series was organized in Kochi, Kerala. There, Bono played for Girona against Melbourne City. But he did not come against Kerala. Girona was relegated to the second division of La Liga that year.

Bono joined Sevilla on loan in 2019. He played almost every match for the club in the domestic cup. Sevilla to win the Europa League. Bono's performance was praised. Saved a Raul Jimenez penalty against Wolverhampton in the quarter-finals. In the next match against Manchester United, he saved six goals to help the team win. He then saved a shot by Romelu Lukaku against Inter Milan. A couple of years ago Bono scored in a match of Real Valladolid. The teams drew 1-1.

Bono had the right to play for any country, Canada or Morocco. He chose Morocco. Was in the under-23 team of Morocco in the 2012 Olympics. Bono was in the Moroccan team at the World Cup in Russia last year. But did not get a chance to play. Join the debate at the 2021 African Cup of Nations. He spoke to the press in Arabic throughout the competition.

Spain's footballers must have practiced a thousand penalties. But their empire was destroyed by Bono. 

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