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Wagner's head was spotted in the African desert a few days ago

Wagner's head was spotted in the African desert a few days agoPhoto:  Wagner's Boss Prigogine.

Wagner's manager is accepted to have required a roadtrip to Mali days before he was killed in the plane accident. There, his confidential military organization Wagner works on the side of government powers against Islamic jihadist gatherings.

Prigogine's one-day visit is another sign that he is attempting to move his concentrate away from Ukraine and spotlight on tasks in Africa.
A Russian Crises Service Ilyushin-76 plane left Moscow before the end of last week and traveled to Mali's capital Bamako by means of Damascus, as per flight-following information. The plane arrived at there on Saturday. After a day, the plane showed up at Zhukovsky Air terminal external Moscow on Monday through a similar course.

Video of Prigogine's discourse in the desert surfaced not long after Ilyushin-76 finished its outing.

Investigators at the open-source bunch Everyone's Eyes on Wagner noticed that the foundation to which he was talking was a get truck regularly utilized by Mali's military. In the video remaining in the desert, the head of Wagner said, "We are making Africa more free."

Prigogine additionally said, 'We are working. The temperature is over 50 degrees. Wagner's PMC is leading exploration and observing projects, making Russia more noteworthy on all landmasses and Africa more liberated.'

The Wagner boss additionally talked about the battle against the assailant bunch ISIS and al-Qaeda and different gatherings. He said, harmony and equity for individuals of Africa. We are making life a bad dream for ISIS, Al-Qaeda and other miscreants.

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